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Welcome to the Blog!

Updated: May 10

Building a Delicious Brand

A guide to branding restaurants, breweries and more

Hey there, I'm Taiece Brooks and I'm so happy you're here! As Brooks Branding begins its journey into the blogosphere, I thought it may be appropriate to introduce myself and provide a little context into the person behind the paragraphs to come. Read on to learn more about me and why this blog should become your go-to resource for information about food and beverage branding.

I'm a Pittsburgh girl through and through. I love the cold weather, the Steelers, and the amazing food scene in my hometown. Seriously, have you tried french fries on salad and sandwiches? It's the best thing ever. Something absolutely magical happens when warm, fried potato and creamy ranch dressing collide atop a bed of crunchy, crispy greens. Add grilled chicken so hot that the shredded cheddar you top it all with melts into a gooey mound, and you've got something that still sort of qualifies as a salad but is inarguably delicious. And don't get me started on the ranch dressing. Pittsburgh has the best ranch in the world, no doubt about it.

I have a passion for the food service industry and I've been working in it for 17 years. I've been a server, a bartender, and a manager at some of the most iconic restaurants in Pittsburgh, like Rivertowne, Penn Brewery, and Eat n Park. I love everything about this industry and the skills it teaches. It's made me who I am today: a branding expert who creates unique and memorable experiences for restaurants.

I'm also a proud and loving sister, fiancée, and friend. I have a younger sister who is my bestie and my rock. I'm engaged to my wonderful partner and we're planning to tie the knot in 2025. I'm a black woman and member of the LGBTQ+ community, and I celebrate my identity and diversity. I also have a musical background and I love to sing. I used to perform in musicals and bands, but now I keep my chops up by doing karaoke whenever I can. And of course, I manage Brooks Branding full time.

About this Blog

This blog will serve as an opportunity to address the specific challenges a food/beverage brand may face and how to avoid or correct them. These challenges are unique, in the same way that the food service industry is unique. Branding for breweries, restaurants, and food service businesses is a complex and competitive task that requires creativity, strategy, and differentiation. These businesses face various challenges, such as meeting customer expectations, adapting to changing trends, standing out from the crowd, and communicating their value proposition. They also have to deal with the legal, ethical, and environmental aspects of their industry, such as regulations, sustainability, and social responsibility. To overcome these challenges, they need to create a strong and consistent brand identity that reflects their vision, mission, and values, and that resonates with their target audience. They also need to leverage various channels and tools, such as social media, websites, logos, packaging, and events, to promote their brand and engage their customers.

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