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Hi! I'm Taiece, and I'm here to help.

I'm the owner and operator of Brooks Branding and a restaurant industry veteran who studied the art of Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. 

My passion for food and craft beverages began when I discovered that they could be more than just hobbies; but also rewarding careers. This discovery was sparked by my first job, at the age of 12, as a barista at a cozy music cafe near Pittsburgh. I was instantly drawn to the hospitality industry and its close interaction with people. Serving others and celebrating their work has become a core value of mine, both personally and professionally, and inspired me to create Brooks Branding.

Creating and supporting brands that put that have a "people first" mentality is my specialty. A professor of mine was adamant that branding was the personification of a business. I not only agree with him, but I also operate each arm of Brooks Branding based on this principle. My goal is always to inject humanity, personality, and life into a business' existing success, and to create a brand or strategy that resonates with your audience.

Brooks Branding is proud to be a Black, Woman, and LGBTQ+-owned and operated business, and if you have a problem with that, please seek counseling and the help of another marketing consultant <3

"Taiece approaches each branding opportunity as a challenge.  She has a unique eye toward getting to the core meaning of the business’s brand and story.  And she does it with an amazing level of creativity.  We have worked together on several branding projects – each one had its own special origins and stories and each time she was able to weave the threads together into a beautiful and compelling whole cloth.  There’s text and subtext – and she connects them both.”

Joe Bute, President, Food21

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