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Brooks Branding has a singular goal: to increase visibility for small food-oriented businesses. Backed by 16 years of food-service industry experience, every decision made here is one we know your customers will respond to.


So, what does that mean exactly? Our goal is to grow our clients' businesses by going above and beyond the ordinary branding and design services you might expect.

Put simply, Our goal is for you to outgrow us. But first, let's spend time figuring out how.

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Brooks Branding is owned and operated by Taiece Brooks, a restaurant industry veteran who studied the art of Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. 

Taiece fell in love with food and craft beer the moment she realized serving them, drinking them and talking about them are viable career choices.


Loud on accident, pleasant on purpose, Taiece can usually be heard before she's seen no matter whether she's slinging beers, or singing songs. A talent on and off the stage, she's fun to watch and even more fun to have a beer with. Favorite styles include hefeweizens and sours, but she'll take pretty much anything...that isn't an IPA. 


As an enthusiastic member of the LGBTQIA+ community, you can typically find her wherever the beer is cold, and the atmosphere is inclusive. If you catch her in the wild, be sure to say hello, and she'll greet you with a hug, a smile, and a, "What are you drinking?". 

"Taiece approaches each branding opportunity as a challenge.  She has a unique eye toward getting to the core meaning of the business’s brand and story.  And she does it with an amazing level of creativity.  We have worked together on several branding projects – each one had its own special origins and stories and each time she was able to weave the threads together into a beautiful and compelling whole cloth.  There’s text and subtext – and she connects them both.”

Joe Bute, President, Food21

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