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Plate it Up! Catering Website Redesign

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Web Design





Plate it Up! Catering is based in the Greater Indianapolis area, and offers delicious and affordable catering services for various events and occasions. The owner, Chef Felicia Grady, is a larger-than-life personality who loves to share her passion for food and hospitality with her clients. She wanted a website that reflected her vibrant and upbeat style, as well as showcased her mouth-watering menu and testimonials.

I worked with Chef Felicia to create a website that matched her vision and goals. I used a bright and cheerful color palette, a playful and modern font, and a lot of high-quality images of her dishes and events. I also added some interactive features, such as a contact form, and a booking system. The website is responsive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

The result is a website that captures the essence of Plate it Up! Catering and invites potential customers to explore their options and book their services. You can check out the website here:

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