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So, you wanna buy a restaurant? Concept and Branding

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February 2023


Pittsburgh, PA

In Pittsburgh, an influx of formerly operational restaurants is hitting the market. The onset of COVID-19 made it practically impossible for small restaurants to succeed, resulting in the closures of some of Pittsburgh's most loved family-owned restaurants and bars.

The Pittsburgh Food and Beverage Network saw a need to encourage local restaurant ownership and chose to create a nose-to-tail restaurant buying seminar education program.

I, along with the FAB team, created a curriculum that will provide the foundation for a burgeoning career as a restauranteur. Brooks Branding supplied all graphics and managed all email campaigns for the event.

The "So you want to buy a restaurant" seminar is happening on February 20th, so there's still time to register if you're interested in joining us. I'll be speaking about branding, marketing and menu design alongside some of the most talented brokers and kitchen designers in Pittsburgh.

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