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Brand Design for Celebration Hall of Larimer

Project type

Brand Development and Design


June 2023



The Celebration Hall of Larimer, nestled within the walls of the former Larimer Elementary School building in Pittsburgh, is a vibrant community hub and events center. This transformed space honors the neighborhood's history while providing a dynamic venue where residents can come together for celebrations, events, and shared experiences.

Designing a visual identity for a venue and community center like Celebration Hall is a distinct challenge compared to crafting branding for other products or services. Right from the start, I recognized the importance of ensuring that the brand essence resonates with the surrounding community and mirrors the diverse group of individuals who contributed to its development. Keeping this in mind, I conceived a visual identity that embodies the same versatility as the Larimer Community itself.

The logo and accompanying graphics incorporate playful elements, recognizable shapes, and a vibrant color palette to cultivate an inviting and cheerful atmosphere. This design exudes a sense of freshness and modernity while also evoking a touch of familiarity and nostalgia, mirroring the transformation of The Larimer School Building.

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